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Newlyweds, John and Andrea, live in Cannon County on 100 acres of rolling hills where they enjoy the quiet countryside as well as their cows, chickens, and pigs. They are a classic tale of farm boy meets city girl who came together with a little nudge from their families. John has worked in the real estate industry for fifteen years, but finds his passion working at the farm. In addition to his time at the farm, John also serves on the Executive Committee of the Cannon County Republican Party and is active in many different community organizations. Andrea, a former competitive figure skater, is now a full-time coach and feels beyond blessed to be able to work with her students. John and Andrea plan to open a small farm store this spring of 2016. Their store will feature their handmade goods, farm fresh eggs and produce, and sawmill lumber. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm!
April 1, 2016
FROM 9 am- 2 pm

Meet The Hens

Rhode Island Reds


Possibly the most prolific brown egg layer,  this breed sets the standard for egg production


Chicks $1.75 each

Hatching Eggs  $5 a Dozen

Barred Rocks

Heritage Lines



Possibly the most recognizable  brown egg layer,  this loving breed is a must for every homestead.


Chicks $1.75 each

Hatching Eggs  $5 a Dozen

Ameracaunas or Easter Eggers


These beautiful hens lay eggs that are blue, green, or sometimes even pink.

Great Conversation Eggs.


Chicks $2.50 each

Hatching Eggs  $8 a Dozen


Black Copper & Cuckoo


< New for 2016 >


Originally from France. These hens lay the dark brown or "chocolate eggs"


Chicks $5.00 each

Hatching Eggs  $15   Dozen

Also Available: Black Jersey Giants > Delawares > White Rocks > Crest Cream Legbars

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We would love to hear from you, or even better have you drop by the farm for a visit...

John Wilkinson